On Beliefs: Religion Is Inherently Toxic

Let me begin this blog post by putting it out there that I myself do not belong to any particular religion. Drawing this conclusion based on the title probably would not be too difficult, but stating this eliminates the possibility of me surprising anyone and writing “EXCEPT FOR MY RELIGION! MY RELIGION IS NOT TOXIC! I BELONG TO THE BEST RELIGION!” at the end.

According to some estimates, there are currently 4,200 religions in the world, with new sects of older religions coming into existence constantly. Throughout human history, it is difficult to estimate the number of faiths that have ever existed. There have been overlapping faiths, where one God in one faith is equivalent to one God in another, such as the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter. There were also many religions that most likely went undocumented and we have no knowledge of today. To be conservative, there have probably been tens of thousands of religions throughout history. So for someone to convince themselves that their religion, their God or Gods are the real Gods, is hogwash.

Religions by definition are exclusive to non-followers and assert that they, and no other religions, are correct. With tens of thousands of religions having existed, and only one being “correct,” conservative calculations put 99.99% of all religions being wrong. So why do these religions deserve say in creation of government policies all around the globe? Why do they deserve tax breaks? Why do they deserve the following of billions around the globe? Many teach intolerance, impede scientific discovery, hinder women’s rights, and kill in the name of their God or Gods. And worst of all, the pious are viewed as those who need to be protected the most in society.

Ultimately, religion is outdated and harmful. Man created God in his image as a means of bringing people together, which lead to those in power using Him to control the masses. Today, religion is unnecessary. We no longer have a justifiable use for God as we have science. Religion is toxic, and needs to be phased out if we want a peaceful future here on earth.